Zinc Services

Keeping your zincs replaced regularly allows you to protect the underwater metal parts of your vessel, keeping the boat guarded against corrosion for as long as possible. Request our services today to be ready for every trip ahead.

How Often Should You Replace Zincs?

As zinc blocks deteriorate, they start to build up a coating that renders them less effective. Once this coating begins to develop, it is essential that you replace the blocks as soon as possible.

What schedule should you follow for your boat zinc replacement? The frequency of this service is dependent on a number of factors, including how much you operate the boat, how many zinc you have, how the boat is wired, and how other boats in the marina are wired. With routine maintenance, our team will notify you once your zinc needs removal or replaced.

As part of your monthly hull cleaning services, we perform regular monitoring of your zinc blocks. We keep track of your zinc condition, and we recommend when the time is right to perform a replacement.

Boat Zincs Prevent Corrosion

While regular cleaning and maintenance is important to protect your boat, additional steps are necessary to extend the lifespan of the vessel. Without the proper guard in place, your craft will be rendered useless.

How can issues occur if your boat was made for the water? As salt water reacts with the metal parts of your boat, an electric current will result. This current, also called electrolysis, can lead to extensive corrosion. If you notice accelerated corrosion of the shafts, propellers, rudders, and other metal parts of your boat, then you are experiencing the effects of electrolysis.

Fortunately, this damage can be prevented with the right zinc anode. An activated anode serves to “distract” the corrosive action to itself. When used and maintained, zinc will weather the effects of decay, keeping your boat safe as a result.

Boat zincs are available for all vessel sizes, and often cost less to install than other hardware does. It is important to note that you should never paint over a zinc with bottom paint, as this will isolate and prevent the anode from serving its intended purpose.

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